cosmicbreaker asked:

Hi, Wil! I'm not trying to be antagonizing. You seem to be rather progressive, and really vocal on a lot of social issues. I'm bringing this up because I feel like you'd take it seriously. Using 'spirit animal' is kinda uncool. Different forms of it belong to specific cultures that are already having a hard time with erasure/delegitimization, partially through appropriation. I've heard suggestions of using 'patronus', or 'daemon' (from His Dark Materials trilogy) as alternatives. Cheers!

wilwheaton answered:

I got a lot of messages like yours that were bordering on antagonizing, but I’ll respond to you: this was entirely news to me, and I never meant to be offensive.

I’ll be honest: I think it’s a little much to get upset about this, but I am fully aware that I’m living life on Scalzi’s Lowest Difficulty Setting, with the Celebrity Cheat enabled, so I’ll own that reality up front. My ancestors murdered untold numbers of Native Americans, and I hate that my country was built on their blood, and I hate that the worst poverty in America exists on Tribal lands. What I hate the most is how many Americans don’t know or care. Those issues are, in my opinion, more important than words. Having said that, I see the point you make, that so much has already been taken from native people, and when a White Guy takes something more, it’s uncool.

I never meant to take anything from anyone. I think Spirit Animals are really cool, and I love everything I’ve ever learned about native or aboriginal culture. I’m not trying to appropriate or lessen anything by expressing how much Kelly Sue inspires me, and how I try to be more like her.



It’s amazing how problematic this apology is. I don’t even think Wil gets that he’s whitesplaining.

For the education of those who might find themselves in this situation, here’s a primer on what’s wrong with this response.

First: “I got a lot of messages like yours that were bordering on antagonizing, but I’ll respond to you

I didn’t like the Tone those other people used. Yours was appropriate! I’ll talk to you.

Second: “I think it’s a little much to get upset about this, but…

This doesn’t affect me and I’ve never given it two seconds worth of thought. And even though I’m about to launch into a whole explanation of how I get it, I need you to know that my first reaction is that everyone is oversensitive.

Third: “My ancestors murdered untold numbers of Native Americans, and I hate that my country was built on their blood

This outpouring of white guilt somehow brings it all back to me and how I feel. Curious that.

Fourth: “I never meant to take anything from anyone. I think Spirit Animals are really cool


Fifth: “I’m not trying to appropriate or lessen anything by expressing how much Kelly Sue inspires me, and how I try to be more like her.”

The point is not what you were or were not trying to do, it’s how what you did affects others. Why don’t you express your admiration for Kelly Sue in ways that are not appropriative? Why MUST you express admiration in this exact way?

Also, how fucking hard is it to say: “Oh, I did not realize that invoking Spirit Animals like that is a problem. I won’t do it again." ? That’s really all you needed to say. You didn’t need to whitesplain or get defensive AT ALL.

Let Wil Wheaton serve as an example of What Not To Do! Trust me on this, y’all.

I didn’t realize that invoking Spirit Animals was a problem, and I won’t do it again. I thought that was clear from my reply, and I regret that I didn’t make that explicitly clear.

Also, would you please excuse the fuck out of me for explaining my thought process, and attempting to share my admittedly complicated and uncertain reasoning. Please excuse me for acknowledging that I’m a privileged heterosexual white male in a manner that was not to your liking. Please excuse me for admitting that I haven’t thought about something that doesn’t affect me, because it does not affect me.Excuse me for — wait. I’m sorry. That’s not what I mean. I don’t mean that I need you to excuse me for anything. What I mean is: you’ve shown us all a spectacular way to alienate a potential ally with your self-righteous anger and indignation.

Here’s a pro tip for you, incredibly angry person: when someone is polite and respectful, reasonable adults ten to reply to them a lot faster and with more thought than we do to someone who is a condescending, angry, belligerent asshole. I sincerely hope that you are able to find peace and happiness in your life, and that you’ll continue to speak out about issues that affect you. As I said, you have to have the courage of your convictions and you can’t just sit down and shut up.

You can also not be a dick about it.

Jeeeeeez. Wil, don’t worry about it. These people will hopefully look back on this period in their loves and cringe. I know I have - I was a horribly angry person who was fighting for everything I could find just TO FIGHT, at one time. These days, I realise what an idiot I was.

Keep on being who you are, man. A lot of us appreciate that. 







Lily Allen’s new song ‘Hard Out Here' owns Blurred Lines.

Except for the fact that a white singer is still using black bodies, particularly black women, as accessories and oversexualised examples. You cannot fight misogyny using racism.

Guys omfg this needs to stop, you really always have something to complain about.

Tumblr is seriously creating a generation of moralists who have nothing positive to say about anyone.

What if she had used white females? Would she have been white washing? And what if white dancers were “twerking”? Would you talk about cultural appropriation?

Please take a look at the video and notice the little man trying to tell her and the dancers what to do: he plays an important part in the video.

He is playing those people in the music industry who tell female singers that they need to be sexy and stuff to be successful, and he is also the one guiding the dancers.

He criticises her for having the body of a mother of two, he tells the dancers how to move their ass, and also tells her what expressions to make while cleaning the wheel rim.

Listen to the words. They’re fucking good.

#no one is exploiting those black women EXCEPT FOR THE GUY WHO REPRESENTS THE MUSIC INDUSTRY

Why would you even try and prove a point by discrediting another relevant point. Lily Allen didn’t have to use all black women she could have used women of all colors and sizes, especially if she’s proving a feminist point. YES! If the white women were twerking that would have been cultural appropriation deal with it, quit trying to talk over WoC when they point out problems in white feminism and the lack of intersectionality.

One of the backing women IS white. What is WRONG with you? Do you only see the bits you want to see in EVERYTHING??

Ok, so I got hacked, and have no idea how to make my posts show again now I’m back. Let’s hope this one works! 

EDIT: Looks like I’ve got it, they just customised my theme. ANNOYING!

I don’t actually really use Tumblr any more but I wanted access to Reasons My Dog Has a Sad so hopefully I can get back into the swing of that now.




welcome to tonight’s episode of “where the fuck did i put my glasses i don’t fucking know because i NEED MY GLASSES TO FIND MY GLASSES”

I’ve got eyes which are about -8.5 diopters, with another -2.5 in astigmatism. This crawling on the floor with…

I’m very short sighted and if I knock my glasses off the surface they’re on I spend ages finding the damn things because unless they catch and reflect a light I’m screwed. So can people please stop speaking for all of one type of people. AS ALWAYS.







Tip to other Americans:

Stop saying “I want to visit/live in Europe”. You cannot, and should not romanticize and fetishize non-Western cultures. Stick to our own.

thank you for the tip, fellow american. i will never even think about leav’ing the country again. i didnt realize how hurtful this could be to european cultures. tourism is a dangerous game that must be stopped at all costs! please reblog this

not to culturally appropriate from californians, but please spread this shit like wildfire

Europe IS Western culture. I can’t fucking believe this.

Pretty sure it isn’t =)

For a start, Italians, Greeks, Spaniards, and other Southern Europeans aren’t white. For arguments sake we can say they’re culturally and ethnically closer to Islamic nations than Northern Europeans.

Germans, British (Tip: “British” is a term only used by Americans to lump them together; they don’t actually refer to themselves as such!), Scandinavians etc are ethnically white, but not culturally Western.  

Tip from an ENGLISH PERSON - you are a fucking moron who is talking as though you understand something you have NO IDEA about. Yes, we do call ourselves British. AND WE’RE PROUD OF IT. I’d imagine that’s not the only offensive thing you came out with here.